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DLT Survey

Telemedicine Community Survey


Attention Community Members! We need your input.

North Valley Hospital District is pursuing a grant to fund the creation of a Telehealth infrastructure to support our hospital's patients and to provide better healthcare. Telehealth / Telemedicine is the remote diagnosis and treatment of patients by means of telecommunications technology. Patients typically videoconference with doctors using computers or videoconferencing equipment.

An example of this would be TelePsychiatry.  Telepsychiatry is helping bring more timely psychiatric care to emergency rooms. An estimated one in eight emergency room visits involves a mental health and/or substance use condition, according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. The usage of this technology would allow a Psychiatrist to see a patient, help diagnose and plan the appropriate care without having to physically travel to the patient.

Please take this survey to give insight to North Valley Hospital District about your ideas and thought on this subject. We respect our community members and wish to hear your opinions! Your input is important to the success of this grant!

I feel that the travel time and money saved on transportation supports the need for Telemedicine at NVHD: *
I believe that faster access to a Medical Specialist is important to providing quality care: *
I think Telemedicine services would be a beneficial addition to North Valley Hospital Districts' (NVHD) patient services: *
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