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Job Shadowing


Job Shadowing Program

Allowing our local students to get up close & personal experience in the healthcare field.  

The 2018-2019 school year job shadow program is now closed. But will pick back up in next school year. For more information, please contact Aaron Kester, Job Shadow Coordinator at North Valley Hospital (509) 486-3163

How the program works:

The NVH Job Shadow program typically runs every Tuesday from mid October through the end of January 9am - 12pm, with the exception of winter break.

Rules and Requirements:    

  • Students will be given a small packet from their school Representative to read, fill out and have ready to turn into the NVH Coordinator before being introduced to their Job Shadow leader. Please be sure that it is all properly filled out and in good order. Please do not fold, crumple or tear your paper work.

  • Students must be on time. If more then 10 minutes late, you will have forfeited your Job Shadow slot. If you will be late or unable to make it, please contact both your school representative as well as the Job Shadow Coordinator.

  • All participants must arrive ready to start the day. Meaning, dressed in clean scrubs and flat comfortable sneakers. We encourage students with long hair to pull it back or up, but this is not required.

  • Cell phones and other mobile devices are allowed, however you will be asked to fully power them down during your Shadow experience.


This is a hospital full of professional staff and needing patients The Job Shadow program is privilege not a right. This is not a get out of school free day, or something to be taken lightly. The Job Shadow program was designed to help young high school students get a better idea of what it is to work in the medical field and make good decisions for future education and career options.  You are taking the time and attention from medical staff and their patients, so be polite and respectful.  With all that being said, do remember to have a good time. 

Departments/ Positions currently available to shadow:

  • Emergency Department -ER RN
  • Physical Therapy
  • Dietian- RDN
  • Radiology (Ultrasound)- Ultrasound Tech
  • Extended Care- Activities Department
  • Laboratory- Lab Tech
  • Surgery - Seinors only may apply!

NOTE FOR SURGERY: Surgery dates can vary and may not be a typical Job Shadow day. Must be able to come in as early as 6:30am depending on scheduling. While not required, we encourage Surgury Job Shadow students to eat prior to their experience. It is easy to get nauseous in this environment and empty stomachs can be problematic.

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