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Patient Billing


Patient Billing & Pricing

Questions About Your Bill

If you have a question about a medical bill from one of our facilities, another facility, or questions about your EOB(explanation of benefits) from your insurance we will be happy to help you. 

To Reach Your Patient Account Representative for North Valley Hospital Bills, call:  509.486.3164

Charity Care


North Valley Hospital has a Charity Care program available to all patients. We use 300% of the Federal guidelines for poverty. To inquire about this service please contact our Financial Services Counselor at 509.486.3136.

2019 Federal Poverty Levels - Persons in Household 48 Contiguous States and D.C. Poverty Guidelines (Annual)

2019 Federal Poverty levels - Patient Billing & Pricing.JPG

Add $4,320 for each person over 8

Download Excel Income based Estimated Pricing Tool


You can download an application. Please download the documents below and make sure they are completely filled out before submitting them.

Washington State requires all hospitals to provide financial assistance to people and families who meet certain income requirements.

Click here for the Charity Care Application

Click here for the Charity Care Policy

Click here for the Payment Policy

Click Here for the Apple Health Brochure

Esta es una solicitud de asistencia financiera (también conocida como atencion benefica) en North Valley Hospital (NVH) 

Haga clic aquí para Solicitud de Cuidado de Caridad

Haga clic aquí para Política de pago

Haga clic aquí para Apple Salud Folleto

Tax Discount Application 

North Valley Hospital offers a tax discount to customers who live within the North Valley Hospital District. You can get up to a $500 discount each calendar year for the amount you pay on property taxes to our hospital district. That credit can be applied to your or your dependents account balances. We developed this application as a way to show our gratitude to the people in our community who help support the hospital district.

Click here for printable application.

Once you have completed the application you can mail it to:

North Valley Hospital

ATTN: Tax Discount 

203 S. Western Ave.

Tonasket, WA 98855

For more informationyou can call our Patient Financial Services at 509-486-3136.

Financial Services Counseling - Assistance

A patient financial counselor is available to assist you Monday through Friday 8:00 am–4:30 pm. 

Making Payments

We now have the capability of paying your bill online. We also accept payment by debit/credit card over the phone, mail in check, cash, or you can pay your bill in person at the admitting desk.

Our mailing address is:

North Valley Hospital

Attn: Patient Accounts

203 S. Western Ave.,

Tonasket, WA 98855

Non-Insured Patients

If you do not have medical insurance coverage, we are happy to set up a payment plan with you. For all elective procedures we require a deposit for services, and that can be arranged prior to your appointment with our Financial Services Counselor. We offer up to a 20% discount for our private pay customers.  The bill must be paid in full, within 30 days to receive the 20% discount.   A 15% discount will be applied if the account is paid within one year, without missing a payment. 

DSHS/Medicaid for the State of Washington Billing Information

You need to present Provider One ID card at the time of service. We will bill the appropriate claim for you, and require picture ID along with these cards to protect your benefits.

Medicare program Billing Information

We will notify you in writing if the claim is not covered under the Medicare program prior to you receiving the services. Otherwise for all covered care, we will bill Medicare. Medicare requires you to pay a co-pay and a deductible. If you have supplemental insurance we will bill that after Medicare has paid their portion. In some cases where a retiree is still working or their spouse is still working, the Group Health Plan will be the primary payer. In those cases we will bill the group health plan and then bill Medicare for the deductible and co-insurance. If an accident is involved in the illness, a Third Party Liability claim may be primary. Please be prepared to present your Medicare card along with Picture ID at the time of admission to our facility along with any other insurance card that may be responsible for paying the bill.

Private Insurance Billing Information

We are happy to bill most insurance companies. We require a copy of your insurance card at the time of admission. We require the card be presented one time each 30 days along with picture ID. We have had many comments regarding the requirement of picture identification; however, it is a request by Medicare to prevent fraud and abuse. We expect payment within 30 days from your insurance company after we have billed them. If they do not respond, you may be responsible for the billing.  Billing of non-contracted insurances is a courtesy we are happy to extend to our patients. 

Minor Patient Billing Responsibility

We hold the person presenting the minor child to the facility for care responsible for the account; we do not bill ex-spouses for charges incurred. The person presenting the minor will be held responsible for the account.

Prior Authorization for Treatment

Many insurance companies require prior authorization for treatment such as surgery, outpatient services and therapies. We will work with your physician to make sure these referrals and authorizations are in place. However, you should be aware of the need for prior authorizations that are required by your insurance policy. We do not carry account balances over 90 days.  If you cannot pay in full within 90 days, we have programs available to help you with your account.  Please contact your Patient Services Representative for more information on these programs.


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