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Social Media Disclaimer


Social Media Disclaimer

North Valley Hospital District supports and encourages the use of social media. We invite you to interact with us in the world of social media. Learn about our latest technology, read inspiring patient stories, be the first to know about upcoming events and interact with our great community of followers. Below are the terms and conditions of using NVHD’s social media websites. The terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

Please keep in mind, your comments and postings are not private and can be seen by other people. We recommend you do not post anything you would not want a broad audience on the Internet to read. We caution you against posting any information that could make you vulnerable to financial or medical identity theft, such as your financial information or your insurance number. In addition, for you privacy, we recommend that you not post your hospital room number on any other private information.

The opinions and comments posted by others on our various social media sites are not the opinions of NVHD’s, its officers, employees, staff members, or members of its board of directors. We reserve the right to edit or delete posts if deemed necessary or offensive. Please note NVHD cannot provide patient-specific information in responses to posts made about patient status or treatment provided at our hospital, ancillary services or extended care due to federal privacy regulations (HIPAA).

The information posted to the social media sites is no medical advice and should not be taken as medical advice. Please contact your family doctor or healthcare provider if you have any personal medical questions.

By posting information to one of the social media sites you agree to the following:

You agree that you are responsible for the information you posted.
You agree to use the social media sites in a responsible manner and will not use the sites to:

  • Post offensive comments;
  • Use offensive language;
  • Defame or personally attach another person;
  • For illegal activities;
  • To harass another person;
  • To promote organizations or events not related to the content of the site; or
  • To release private information about a patient.

For any questions about NVHD’s Social Media Policy please contact the Business Development Coordinator at 509-486-3163 or email