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North Valley Hospital Implements a New Water Management Program

A Water Management Team has been created to help protect the facility from waterborne pathogens. A new Water Management Policy has been implemented.

The Policy states:

The initial Facility Risk Assessment took place on 9/5/2017. Follow-up Assessments will occur in the event of an outbreak, significant modification to the facility, or as needed. Documentation is attached.

During the Facility Risk Assessment, several areas were designated as high-risk and noted on the Facility Map with a red star. Test and control limits were established with a protocol for intervention.

Tables are used to describe the scheduled monitoring locations, methods, and cleaning schedule of locations that were identified on the latest Facility Risk Assessment.

Cleaning at risk areas will be done according to Manufacturer Guidelines and CDC recommendations when available.

In addition to the scheduled monitoring the following reported events will trigger additional testing and intervention protocol in the impacted area: quality issues in water such as coloration or taste, reported observations of biofilm or algae growth in water system, or environmental factors that increase risk level such as major construction projects.

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