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Tonasket, WA, November 2015

On November 19, 2015, leaders from the rural health community from across the country

celebrate National Rural Health Day in recognition of the tremendous accomplishments that have

been achieved in rural healthcare this year. In support of this recognition, iVantage Health Analytics

has developed a data-driven program designed to identify excellence across a broad spectrum of

indicators relevant to hospital performance and patient care.


National Organization of State Offices of Rural Health (NOSORH) has partnered with iVantage to recognize 37 Washington hospitals as having reached top quartile performance status in Quality, Outcomes, Patient Satisfaction, and Financial Strength compared to all acute care hospitals in the nation. The rankings have been designated by the Hospital Strength INDEXTM, the assessment of

hospital performance in the country to include all rural providers.


North Valley Hospital (NVH), along with only 7 other Washington hospitals, ranked as a top quartile performer in the Quality-Based pillar (or category) as part of that assessment.

This pillar includes patient care indicators for Heart Attack (AMI), Heart Failure, Pneumonia, andother processes of care. The 6 other hospitals to receive this state recognition were Peacehealth Medical Center, Mason General, Kittitas Valley Community, Toppenish, and Morton General Hospital.


10 Washington hospitals, including North Valley Hospital, were recognized for excellence in the Patient Satisfaction pillar also. NVH follows Medicare’s mandate to participate in the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Provider and System (HCAHPS). 50% of their hospitalized patients receive a call from a national patient satisfaction surveyor within 42 days of being discharged.  “Would you recommend NVH to your friends and family?” was the survey question used as the marker for this recognition. From 9/1/14 to 9/1/15 97% of the patients surveyed gave a “thumbs up” answer about recommending NVH to their friends and family.


North Valley Hospital CEO, Mike Zwicker and the entire staff would like to thank its patients and family members for taking the time to answer the questions when a surveyor calls.  The data is used to identify areas to improve our patient’s experience and to support the quality care we give. These calls take about 10 minutes and come to us from Chattanooga, Tennessee and Baltimore, Maryland.


The National Organization of State Offices of Rural Health (NOSORH) was established in 1995 to assist State Offices of Rural Health in their efforts to improve access to, and the quality of, health care for America’s 61 million rural citizens. NOSORH enhances the capacity of SORHs to do this by supporting the development of state and community rural health leaders; creating and facilitating state, regional and national partnerships that foster information sharing and spur rural health-related programs/activities; and enhancing access to quality healthcare services in rural communities“


These top quartile performers should take great pride in this recognition. It showcases their commitment to continuous performance analysis and improvement. On this occasion of National Rural Health Day, it’s an honor to celebrate their achievement as they continue to serve their communities despite the many market, regulatory and financial pressures they face.” said Michael Topchik, senior vice president of iVantage Health Analytics. The Hospital Strength INDEX™ captures performance metrics for more than 4,000 acute care hospitals, including over 1,300 rural and Critical Access Hospitals.





TONASKET – The North Valley Hospital Board learned that the hospital will receive nearly twice as much in Disproportionate Share Payments from the state for the Long Term Care (LTC) as it did the previous year.

The Pro-Share payment for 2015 will be $399,805, compared to $201,000 in 2014. While the extra cash was a good thing, the district is still looking at a loss in the Long Term Care Division, according to numbers shared with the board by District CEO Linda Michel. The payment, with a $30,000 lower Labor & Industries statement, will cut the LTC Division’s projected loss down from $809,145 to $558,572.

Chief Financial Officer Helen Verhasselt explained that the reason the payment was larger was because there were only six remaining nursing homes that were still attached to hospitals in the state and that some hospital districts were no longer participating in the program “because it is a lot of work.” The money that was budgeted by the legislature was divided amongst a smaller group and that caused the payment increase.

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North Valley Hospital District CEO resigns
Gazette-Tribune 12.11.2014

TONASKET – North Valley Hospital District Administrator Linda Michel tendered her resignation to the NVH Board of Commissioners Thursday, Dec. 11, following a lengthy executive session at the end of that evening’s board meeting.

Michel, who said she had originally planned to retire in Oct. 2015, moved that date up to April 3.

Michel said she would have no public comment at this time, other than the contents of her letter of resignation.

In a letter dated Dec. 4, she cited a the latest round of backlash over her attempts to deal with financial losses of North Valley Assisted Living. At a commissioners’ meeting last month she put forth a plan to form a pair of committees: one to find a way to save the nursing home, and another to determine what steps would be required to close it if such a plan didn’t come to fruition.
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Helen Casey:'Not closing nursing home'
Gazette-Tribune 8.22.2014
By Brent Baker

TONASKET – North Valley Hospital Board of Commissioners Chair Helen Casey sought to quell rumors that the district’s Long Term Care facility was being targeted for closure, stating unequivocally at the Thursday, Aug. 14, board meeting that that was not something that was on the table.

There had been discussion at the last board meeting in July (see below) about the reduction of available beds in the nursing home that has been underway since November, to the current working level of 40, and whether or not to bank or relinquish the now inactive beds.

“(Wednesday) I had a call and today I had a call, that said ‘Please do not close the Long Term Care,’” Casey said. “I said, ‘We’re not closing the Long Term Care.’ The rumor mill is out there, for whatever the reason.”
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It's not easy getting old
Gary Devon, Gazette-Tribune

Just as we’re getting over the shock of the Assisted Living being closed, we now have to contend with the knowledge that the Nursing Home in Tonasket may be hurtling towards the same fate. Again, there are legitimate reasons given for the potential closure of the facility, but that wouldn’t make it any easier. In fact closing the Nursing Home would have a much greater impact on our friends and family members who are no longer able to get along without 24-hour care. At least with the Assisted Living the residents most were able to care for themselves.
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Healthline (KOMW 92.7)
Save Our Nursing Home
December 10th 2014 

  • Linda Holden, DNS of North Valley Extended Care

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Healthline (KOMW 92.7)
Diabetes Support Group
December 3rd 2014 

  • Phil Gleason, RN

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Healthline (KOMW 92.7)
Respiratory Care Wellness Course
June 18th 2014 

  • Ken Radford, Respiratory Therapist

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Healthline (KOMW 92.7)
VA Clinic Telehealth Services
June 4th 2014

  • Tasha Tibbs, VA Clinic Coordinator
  • Marvin Boyd, Spokane VA
  • Mary Heneky, Spokane VA

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Healthline (KOMW 92.7)
New Wellness Programs Offered at NVH

April 25th 2014

  • Terri Orford, Business Development

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Healthline (KOMW 92.7)
VA Clinic-Readjustment Counseling

March 12th 2014

  • Tasha Tibbs, Tonasket VA Clinic Coordinator
  • Andrew Rawley, Spokane VA Readjustment Counselor

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Healthline (KOMW 92.7)
Expanded Rehab Services

February 26th 2014

  • Duane Verhasselt, PT
  • Terri Orford, Business Development

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Healthline (KOMW 92.7)
Surgical Services at North Valley Hospital


  • Terri Orford, Business Development Coordinator for NVH
  • Trevor Rise, Surgery Manager at NVH
  • Dr. Donald Sebesta, General Surgeron at NVH

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Rural Healthcare Quality Network Honors Hospitals for Accomplishments in Quality Improvement

Release Date: July 12, 2011

SEATTLE: Rural hospital's in communities across Washington State are striving to ensure patients receive the right care at the right time. In recognition of these efforts, the Washington State Rural Healthcare Quality Network (RHQN) distributes awards in nine categories for hospitals meeting or exceeding the organization's 2011 Quality Initiatives. The awards were presented during the network's annual meeting in June.

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